"Building strong relationships one self storage facility at a time"

Setting the standard for the metal roof and building industry since 2002.

The Company

NW Steel Systems, Inc. is a leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of metal roofing and building systems.


Superior products.


NW Steel Systems standing seam roofing and building systems offer unsurpassed long-term protection and maintenance efficiency.


Multi-faceted manufacturing capabilities.


From simple modular buildings to the most complex, custom multi-story facilities, NW Steel Systems is a recognized leader in the self-storage industry, as well as all aspects of metal building construction.


Start-to-finish commitment.


Our commitment to each project involves seeing it through from planning to completion.


A team of people you can count on.


We are a group of people skilled and dedicated at every level. Quality construction and personal service are not just lofty words, they're part of our daily mission.


NW Steel Systems offers you a unique combination of concept, product and people. Consider our credentials and challenge us with your next project.


Building Systems


Commitment From Planning to Completion


NW Steel Systems is committed to setting the standard from the foundation up. It's the only way we know how to do business. It's also a method that has enabled us to lead the metal roofing and building marketplace throughout the evolution of the self-storage industry.


Our commitment to each project involves seeing it through from planning to completion. This is possible because NW Steel Systems designs, manufactures, and installs our own complete building systems. Self Storage Systems, Retro-Fit Roof Systems, Standing Seam Roof Systems and Pre-Fabricated Truss Systems. As a single source for design, manufacturing, and construction, we can ensure better quality control and greater cost effectiveness at all stages.


Our portfolio includes photos of our products in various stages of installation.



Our products range from roofing to siding to complete buildings ready for custom finishing. Rib Roof manufactures standing seam roof panels, metal siding and partition panels, light gauge steel framing, retro-fit roofing systems, and standard/custom flashings.


Our project portfolio includes photos of our products.



Our service is our strength. We provide service even when you're only planning. Ideally, we will be involved in the early stages of your project planning, and review your site development and building layout plans. Our extensive experience in light gauge steel construction can head-off potential design or installation problems, and at the same time provide cost-saving alternatives even before site preparation has started.



Our designers use state-of-the-art computer assisted drawing systems and sophisticated computer software—some developed by our own staff specifically for NW Steel Systems building systems. Design changes to the computer-generated construction drawings and materials layouts can be incorporated quickly and economically.



The component materials for the job are manufactured at a NW Steel Systems plant under the industry's best quality control program. Once fabricated, they are sorted, identified, and labeled according to the working drawings in order to facilitate construction at the job site.



Only pre-approved installation crews, familiar with NW Steel Systems systems, are used for on-site construction. And a NW Steel Systems installation supervisor monitors all activities for time and cost management as well as quality control. From start to finish, our people are dedicated to insuring the success of every NW Steel Systems project.


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